Pyjamas for everyone!

I finished the pyjamas for my niece and for myself!

First of all, I’m really happy with the ones for my niece. I found the pattern really easy to follow and the fit was pretty much perfect. She seemed really happy with them – wearing them that night to a sleepover.


By making a pair of pyjamas including a top meant that I learnt a few handy techniques which will come in handy in the future such as sewing a pocket, sewing a collar, buttons and buttonholes. I made a few mistakes in cutting them out initially – baby brain I think! Luckily I had enough fabric to cut out the back a second time and the interfacing for the collar which I had not cut on the fold.


I have another pair for my other niece on order!

My pyjama pants were an opportunity to learn about sewing with knits and as an added bonus I learned how to add a yoke waistband and do ruching.

I think that the fabric may have been a little too stretchy for the pattern. I already made a size smaller than the sizing recommended on the pattern as it seemed too big but even then they are just a bit too loose. They are extremely comfy though and the fabric is so soft! My sister is therefore going to be the lucky recipient of these instead and I will make another pair either a size smaller or in different fabric.


I wish I had these when I was pregnant. I will be making a few pairs next time around for sure!

I found the instructions fairly easy – except for the yoke and ruching bit which I had to start over as I folded it wrong the first time around. I don’t think they could have been too much clearer but eventually I experimented with some scraps and I wish I had done that initially so that I hadn’t wasted fabric.

I also did a rolled hem instead of a folded hem just for practice.

On both of these projects, the cutting out is really the time consuming thing. I wish there was a machine that could cut out my patterns… I will have to get my husband to invent one for me!

Pow, pow pyjama pants!

Week two at my sewing class has seen me finish off Michael’s pyjama pants. I seem to have cut way too much elastic so the waist band needs further adjustment but Michael has said that they are the most comfortable pyjama pants he has ever worn (yay flannelette!) and he wore them to pick up pizza the other night and people wanted to know where he got them from as the fabric is obviously suitably cool!

Here’s a photo of the finished product – guest starring Sushi Cat!


The hems are quite untidy so I need to work on this somehow. Any hints on how to make my hems meet back up together are greatly appreciated!

Next is a pair of pyjamas including a top for my niece and then some in a stretch fabric for me!

First sewing lesson

When I bought my sewing machine a month or so ago, I enquired at the store about sewing lessons. The Janome Sewing Centre in Balcatta runs beginner classes on Friday and Saturday mornings for anyone with a Janome sewing machine. It costs $25 for the two hours and the premise of the class is merely that you bring your project along and Kathy will help you.

I asked for a suggestion for my first project and Pyjamas were recommended because they don’t need to be seen outside the house. Off I went to Spotlight to find a pattern and some fabric. I decided on flannel as a starting point because it is easy to sew with. Once I have mastered flannel, I will find some jersey cotton and do a second pair with that as I find that the most comfortable fabric for sleeping in.

There are some seriously hideous patterns for pyjamas in existence. I decided that I will just make pants for my husband as every full pattern I have found so far for men’s pyjamas was just too awful. I plan to then make some pyjamas for my nieces as practice for a top and pants. This way I should learn a few techniques such as waistbands, hems, collars, pockets and buttonholes.

I found some pretty cool flannelette and a very easy pyjama pants pattern, packed up my sewing machine and overlocker and reported to my sewing class.

Kathy introduced me to tracing fabric that you can put over a paper pattern, trace out your shape and then cut out so that you can keep your paper pattern intact and use it for other sizes later. She also introduced me to Frixion pens which can be used to mark your fabric as required and when you want to remove the texta, you just iron the fabric and it disappears! Pretty cool!

I cut out my pattern in the fabric I had bought and decided that I really like their tables. They are at the perfect height for pinning and cutting out!

I then learnt to overlock my fabric pieces and have so far sewn the two individual legs, complete with pocket. Next Saturday I will assemble the pants and commence my nieces’ pairs. I will get the kids pyjamas to the same point and have all the top pieces cut out and ready to be sewn.


Thanks must go to my husband for taking care of baby girl so that I can go to these classes. Of course she slept for the whole time for him, despite only giving me 45 mins during the daytime when I have her!