Hello world!

I’m Courtney. Nice to meet you.

Until recently I was a full time IT Consultant who also sang most evenings and weekends in a semi-professional capacity. Needless to say, domestic duties were often left behind and, being the youngest in a family of three girls, I had most things done for me when I was growing up so most domestic tasks don’t come easily to me or I may never have learnt them in the first place.

Just over three months ago, life changed dramatically as my first child was born. Abigail is a beautiful, happy, healthy girl and I am so lucky to have her and a fabulously supportive husband but dropping all of that work and becoming a full time mum has meant that I have to pick up some of those domestic duties that previously didn’t seem so important. Additionally, I am keen for Abigail not to learn that TV is an activity so I have to lead by example on that one!

So this is my journey from corporate minion to domestic goddess – but I’m keeping the cleaning lady…